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It’s been uncovered that a major corporation has been dodging taxes, do you freeze their digital assets?
A known criminal gang has been using the digital currency for illegal transactions, do you reduce their balance to zero?
Inflation is on the rise, do you adjust the balance of the digital currency to stabilize the economy?
There’s a public outcry about the lack of transparency in government spending, do you make all government transactions public on the blockchain?
A popular influencer is spreading misinformation about the digital currency, do you freeze their account?
A devastating natural disaster has occurred, do you generate more digital currency to aid the recovery efforts?
The public is concerned about the central authority’s power to freeze funds, do you make a public assurance that this power will be used responsibly?
A wealthy individual is hoarding digital currency, destabilizing the economy, do you reduce their balance?
A neighboring country offers a partnership in digital currency, do you accept and share the technology?
A large corporation offers to invest in the digital currency in exchange for privileged access, do you accept the deal?
A scandal has erupted with a government official abusing their power over the digital currency, do you freeze their account?
There’s an opportunity to use the digital currency to fund public education, at the risk of upsetting wealthy citizens, do you proceed?
An economic crisis is looming, do you create more digital currency to stimulate the economy?
There’s a proposal to tax all transactions made with the digital currency, do you approve?
A rival political party has been openly criticizing the digital currency, do you freeze their assets?
A major tech company offers to help improve the digital currency’s code, but demands access to sensitive information, do you accept?
The public demands a say in when and how the funds freezing function is used, do you allow a vote?
There’s an urgent need for funds in the health sector, do you generate extra digital currency?
A hacker group claims to have found a vulnerability in the digital currency’s code, do you collaborate with them to fix it?